Home Mortgage

A common type of mortgage transaction is the home purchase, where the potential home buyer wishes to buy a home but does not have all the funds currently available to make a purchase. Therefore, the buyer will need a mortgage to finance their investment.

Most common investment for the first-time home buyers are the residential properties, these include both new and resale properties, such as detached houses, semi-detached houses, and townhouses as well as condominiums.

Purchasing a first property is a big and important step for most of us. Sometimes, this process can be hard and stressful. At Affordable Mortgages we act as your friend and partner in your mortgage loan process, from the first call right through to closing and beyond!

Please keep in mind that we interact with a large variety of lenders in order to find the mortgage or loan product that is best suitable for your needs and financial status. We are also able to secure better rates than most of federal chartered banks offer.

Put you mind at ease with a mortgage specialist:

1. Our agents are highly experienced professionals that match our clients with most suitable mortgage products currently offered on the market.

2. Full guidance offered by our highly trained mortgage specialists, starting from the first telephone inquiry till the closing process and a follow up meeting.

3. A stress free process that helps our borrowers  find most affordable mortgage rates, instead of continuously shopping around and spending time with endless results.

These are just several highlights that define our purpose; we also present many other necessities for our clients and their needs…

Mortgage Calculations
Application Process
Property Evaluations
Mortgage Qualifying
Problem Solving
Credit Bureau Guidance
3rd Party Service Providers