Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans (second mortgage) can provide you with the financial resources you need to pay off debts or take on a major expense, like home improvements or tuition for you or your children.

Equity Loan
Tap into your unused home equity to
consolidate your debts,
renovate your home, and more!

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Given the wide range of home equity products, it can be tough to decide which option is best. Accredited CMI brokers can help you navigate these tricky waters, coming up with a borrowing plan that is affordable and responsive to your specific needs.
Line of Credit and Specialists in Home Equity Loans

We are mortgage brokers. We do not deal with one financial institution, but rather with a network of over 100 lenders. This neutrality assures you unbiased, expert advice and access to exclusive loan vehicles available through non-bank lenders.

Our network of lenders offers a wide selection of loan products, flexible amortization schedules and higher income allowances than those typically found at a bank.

We are a fully insured and licensed brokerage with one goal – getting you the money you need for less.
How CMI Can Help You

Homeowners of all income levels and financial situations have benefited from CMI’s expertise in the home equity loan interest rates:

* Small business owners can borrow against the value of their homes to help their businesses through times of slow growth and transition.
* People with debt consolidation in mind can use a second mortgage to pay off their debts. The interest rate on their mortgage loan will be significantly lower, saving them considerable money in interest.
* Home equity loans can help a parent pay for their children’s post-secondary education or to send themselves back to school.
* Who hasn’t dreamt of a brand new kitchen or bathroom? Major home improvements come at a cost, causing many people to forgo their dreams. Homeowners can tap into the equity in their homes to pay for remodeling and renovations.
* Family vacations, a wedding, or other expenses can be managed with an affordable loan.
* Unforeseen illness or other emergencies can tax anyone’s resources. Home equity loans can help in these difficult times.

Affordable Borrowing Solutions

The loan amount depends on many factors, including the amount of equity in your home and your current financial situation. Typical equity loans in Canada allow you to borrow up to about 85% of the appraised value of your home.

CMI’s lenders offer many specialized loans that can allow you to borrow up to 90% of your home’s value. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn what type of loan you can expect.
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If you are looking for an unbiased analysis of your financial situation and the potential gains that home equity loans or a line of credit can offer you, contact CMI today to get a free, no-obligation quote.